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Yansiklopedi geliştirilmeye tamamen açık bir kaynak. Bunun için gel, el ele verip şu siteyi adam etmemize yardım et.
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İnce ve Esprili dil

Haliyle Uncyclopedia'nın Türkçe versiyonu olarak, Yansiklopedi'ye girilen bilgiler olabildiğine komik, geyik, absürt ama ana başlıktan sapmadan ve tercihen ince ve kıvrak hicivlerle dolu olmalıdır.

Düzgün Türkçe

Her ne kadar mizâhî bir site olsak da okunuşun akıcılığı ve yazıların okunabilirliği için gramer ve imlâ kurallarına dikkat edilmesi önerilir. Paragraflarda ve başlıklarda Uncyclopedia formatı esas alınmalıdır.

Uzun ve Düzgün Metinler

Yazılanlar en azından bir taslak oluşturacak uzunlukta (asgarî 5-6 cümle) ve göze hitap edecek bir düzende olmalıdır.

Vandallık ve Kuklacılık Yapma!

Sitemiz güzel ve eğlencelidir. Lütfen vandallık ve kuklacılık yapmayalım.

Yansiklopedi Ödülleri Sahiplerini Arıyor!

Yansiklopedi en iyi yazarlarını ödüllendirmeye devam ediyor! Ansiklopedi, haber ve magazin dallarında o ayın en iyi maddelerini yazanlara verilecek ödüller adınızı en iyiler arasına yazdıracak. Yoksa siz hala yazmaya başlamadınız mı? Acele edin ve ödülleri toplayın, en iyi maddeleri siz yazın, en iyi olduğunuzu gösterin!

(Bu kutu tüm kullanıcıları bilgilendirmek amacıyla hazırlanmıştır. Sayfanızdan kaldırmamanız tavsiye edilir, aksi halde sistem sizi otomatik olarak bulup imha edecektir.)

Assyrius 04:57, 16 Mart 2008 (UTC)

  • Hi Carlb, nice to meet you again, how are u?:) i've just made some userbox additions here, including ranks and languages. what was your rank at uncyclopedia?--Assyrius 01:39, 17 Şubat 2008 (UTC)
  • I was a user on en: from May 2005 - Jul 2006, admin on en: in May 2005, was one of the contributors blamed for en:Worst 100 Ways to Deliver Bad News (featured Jan 2006) and WoTM July 2005. I also had admin status on fr: at one point (Nov 2005). --Carlb 02:38, 17 Şubat 2008 (UTC)
  • ok then, i give you full-general rank of yansiklopedi with an honour badge :) also we're expecting your contributions, i've just translated our misinformation service in English for contributes of global users and created a new page under the name of YanHaber:Main Page. you can add anything there if you want, so i can translate them in Turkish. --Assyrius 03:02, 17 Şubat 2008 (UTC)


Hey Carlb,

I'm not sure if you're going to receive a notification but I'll write anyway.

yansiklopedi.org suffers some kind of server issues from time to time (i dunno what causes that). We're unable to access any pages while that happens. Cloudflare's (it may be another software, i dunno) "Always online" is limited to few pages and sometimes doesn't work at all.

Could you check & fix the problem please?
I know this wiki is left to rot half dead and might not worth to worry about but I still care about this place.
Since Assyrius is M.I.A. and you're the owner of the domain (according to whois) I decided to ask for your help. You can help... right??

Kind regards,

Wolf32 (mesaj) 09:09, 1 Kasım 2016 (UTC)

I'm surprised if anyone in Turkey is still able to read this, as it's not uncommon for governments to block access to sites which offer user-generated content. There have also been incidents where countries have broken access to CloudFlare itself (mainland China is bad for this sort of thing, and DPRK - what little of it has Internet at all - is worse because they're behind the PRC "great firewall of China"). That said, if you're getting a CloudFlare response and then nothing on this side, that may mean that uncyclomedia.org's servers are badly overburdened and not keeping up with traffic. A new server was deployed a week ago in an attempt to remedy this, and I am getting fewer "pingdom error" messages in my inbox lately, so hopefully this will happen a little less often if it's for technical reasons? Carlb (mesaj) 17:53, 1 Kasım 2016 (UTC)

great firewall of China
wow thanks for quick reply.
Both Yansiklopedi and Uncyclopedia aren't blocked in Turkey (other languages of uncyclopedia as well). it is true that Turkey has some "censorship" (porn and stuff) in its internet but it can be easily annihilated by any basic VPNs or Proxy so it cannot be compared to China. "user-generated contents" are unlikely gets censored. You have to hurt some politician or two to achieve that.
Well... back to the point, I'm relieved to learn that there are no server problem on our side and with that new server up n running I hope we suffer less too.
Thanks again for taking your time and replying my message. I wish you a great day. - Wolf32 (mesaj) 21:22, 1 Kasım 2016 (UTC)

Current SituationDüzenle

it seems someone got nothing else better to do with their life and 24/7 messing with yansiklopedi. Kinda sad situation really. But lets put that aside. Can you lockdown the yansiklopedi for non-sysop users? no edits or new pages etc, make it read-only. No one is contributing for a long time anyway. Maybe I'll try to fix the damage this time. Wolf32 (mesaj) 14.29, 15 Mayıs 2019 (UTC)

My admin rightsDüzenle

I've lost my sysop status after deleting a page. Could you please revert my rights? and you should check the abuse filter Wolf32 (mesaj) 11.42, 24 Haziran 2019 (UTC)

I have the same problem too. 10ur (mesaj) 04.56, 15 Nisan 2020 (UTC)

Abuse FilterDüzenle

Hey Carlb its me again o/

Abuse filter that you've created back in 2019 is still acts as a double edged sword. Özel:İstismarSüzgeci/29 it works like a charm againts vandals but it even bans users with admins rights. When we try to delete a page, abuse filter does not differentiate us from regular user or vandal. Could you please add a parameter to ignore the action if user has admin rights? I am not versed in magic words of computer language that is why i am asking you :)

Current filter is just checking if page size is changed to below 100 to take action. Deleting a page always triggers this.

texto := '(#redirec|{{(?:subst:)?(vda|er|lixo|d[ei]sambig|spam)|{{Usuário:Salebot?)';
action == 'edit'
& new_size < 100
& old_size > 0
& article_namespace == 0
& !new_wikitext irlike texto

Wolf32 (mesaj) 17.05, 29 Eylül 2020 (UTC)